Mixed Doubles, Chekhov Style

An adaptation from Anton Chekhov by Roy Proctor. Three of Chekhov’s and Proctor’s funniest short works.

The Drinking Game: A financially comfortable middle-aged Russian man is in the market for a wife, so he enlists the help of the local marriage broker. Clever and humorous to start with, the story only gets better with a bottle of wine.

Settling the Score: A distraught man wants to buy a gun to shoot his wife and her lover, no wait, maybe just the lover, but no, maybe he’ll kill himself, but wait – the whole time, driving the gun salesman crazy.

The Would-Be Playwright: An aspiring writer passionate about her work finally gains an audience with a respected man of letters and reads aloud all nine acts until he just can’t take it any more.

Touring August 28-September 29, 2017. At CAT September 11, 2:30 and 8p.